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    • VMI Drill Field #2

      Carolina Green Corp. installed a new artificial turf system over the existing turf on VMI Drill Field #2. We also replaced ball stop netting on both ends of the field and repaired a natural turf field that had to be crossed to complete this work.

    • Virginia State University Rogers Stadium

      Carolina Green Corp. converted the football stadium field from natural grass to artificial turf with a paved running track and events areas. The field included drainage, irrigation, electrical conduit, and stone base work. The track is and asphalt base with a Beynon surface.

    • JMU Baseball Project

      The JMU Baseball Project in 2019 included replacing the synthetic turf on the Baseball field and expanding the warning track. We removed and disposed of existing old turf. The excavated and removed the existing warning track material. New subgrade and WT material were installed and graded. FieldTurf�s Double Play Synthetic Turf system was installed on the prepared base.

    • UVA Field Hockey

      This project was completed in 2020 for the University of Virginia. The project consisted of removing and disposal of the existing artificial turf and pad. Inspecting the asphalt base. Then installing an Astroturf Poligrass Platinum synthetic turf system.

    • UT Indoor Turf Replacement

      This project was completed in 2020. We removed and disposed of the existing artificial turf. Next we inspected and cleaned the sub-base. Then installed Astroturf AT Rootzone 3D3 Blend 60 synthetic turf system.

    • Ashley Booth Field City of Myrtle Beach

      Turf renovation converting natural turf grass to artificial turf. Project consists of erosion control, laser grading, installation of sub-drainage system, dynamic stone base, concrete sidewalk and fencing

    • Charlotte Christian Baseball Field

      Installation of synthetic turf baseball infield. Construction to begin in 2016.

    • Charlotte Christian Stadium

      Removal of existing turf, laser grade, and installation of sythetic turf field and track resurface.

      • ETSU Football Field

        This project included the construction of a brand new field in a new stadium at East Tennessee State University.

        • Lasergrade Subgrade
        • Install nailer for turf attachment
        • Installed drainage system including flat panel drain.
        • Installed dynamic stone base over geotextile fabric.
        • Provide and install artificial turf including custom 50 yardline and endzone logos.
        • Installed goalpost and balllstop netting system.
      • JMU Field Hockey

        JMU Field Hockey � 2014 Removed existing turf, E-Layer and Stone Base. Replaced irrigation, installed a 3� Porous Asphalt Surface, a 15mm EDPM E-Layer and a new Field Hockey Artificial Turf System.

      • JMU Soccer

        Converting existing natural grass field to artificial turf.

      • JMU Softball

        Converting existing natural grass field to artificial turf.

      • Lenoir-Rhyne Football Moretz Stadium

        Renovation of a natural grass field to a synthetic turf field. Inculuding complete renovation of the irrigation system, installation of drainage system and dynamic stone base and Permavoid collection system. The field was completed with the installation of Fieldturf.

      • UNC Baseball Collar

        Boshamer Stadium: Sand-based baseball stadium field (drainage, irrigation, soil modification, grading, warning track, infield install)

      • University of Virginia Football Practice Facility

        Construction of an indoor/outdoor football practice facility. Project consists of removal of existing turf, laser grading, dynamic stone base and turf installation

        • Virginia Tech English Baseball Field

          Convert existng field to synthetic turf, strip organics,upgrade drainage, install dynamic base, synthetic turf, dugouts, padding, netting, fencing

        • Wake Forest Indoor Football Field

          Project includes removal of existing synthetic turf field and grass field; laser grade and installation of drainage, gravel layer and root zone layer for the sand-based natural field; laser grade, installation of drainage, concrete curbing and dynamic stone base over geo-textile fabric for the synthetic turf field; as well as the installation of synthetic perimeter around both fields. 

        • Wingate University Track & Field

          Project consists of prep subgrade, laser grading, sub-drainage system, dyanamic stone base, concrete anchor curb, artificial turf and netting

          • University of Virginia Field Hockey

            Removal of existing turf, base renovation and expansion, installation of new turf system

          • University of Virginia Davenport Baseball Field

            Renovate to sand-base baseball field including drainage, rootzone, irrigation, infield skinned area, synthetic collar and sod installation

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          • University of Tennessee Intramural Fields

            New construction of 6 natural turf fields and 4 synthetic turf fields. (8 multipurpose fields and 2 softball fields)

          • Carolina Panthers Football Practice Field

            Football Practice Facility: Synthetic Turf Infill System / Drainage

          • Duke University Multi-purpose Fieldhouse

            Prep subgrade, intall synthetic turf base, nailer and turf, wall padding, hanging goal system, ballstop netting, and outdoor synthetic turf area

          • City of Myrtle Beach Grand Park

            Construction of 3 synthetic turf multipurpose (softball/soccer) fields

          • University of Tennessee Indoor Football Practice

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            Neyland-Thompson Sports Center - Replacement of indoor football practice field synthetic turf mid season

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          • University of Tennessee Football Practice Field Rootzone

            Football Practice Field: Renovation of rootzone to improve drainage, sand cap and sod installation, synthetic turf area installation

          • Emory & Henry University Football Field

            Synthetic turf field installation (Fieldturf)

          • Wake Forest University Baseball

            Stadium Field: Synthetic Turf Field Installation

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          • Wake Forest University Indoor Batting Cages

            Indoor Batting Cages: Installation of synthetic turf in indoor batting cages.

          • Davidson College

            New construction of synthetic turf base and field installation

          • Radford University Baseball Stadium

            Renovation of Baseball Field - drainage, irrigation, grading, warning track, synthetic turf collar installation

          • George Mason University

            Baseball Field renovation, to include cambridge drainage, irrigation, and synthetic turf infill behind home plate

          • University of Virginia Davenport Baseball Collar

            Baseball Field Install new synthetic turf baseball collar

          • University of Virginia at Wise Football Stadium

            Removal of old turf system, remediation of base including adding drainage, and installation of new synthetic turf system

          • Elon University Baseball

            Latham Baseball Field renovation - synthetic turf infield installation and outfield drainage & irrigation installation, turf & grade renovation

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          • City of Asheboro

            McCrary Park Baseball Field renovation - synthetic turf infield installation and outfield turf & grade renovation

          • University of Virginia at Wise

            Baseball Field: Install new synthetic turf baseball collar

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