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    • Longwood University Softball

      Renovation of the existing softball field. The project scope included drainage, laser grading infield, irrigation, sod installation, and installation of a custom synthetic turf halo around home plate arc.

    • UVA Softball

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      This was a completely new field and stadium build on the UVA campus. We installed a sub-surface drainage system, irrigation system, sand-based grass playing surface, infield mix, warning track material, and Latitude 36 bermudagrass sod.

    • JMU Baseball

      The JMU Baseball Project in 2019 included replacing the synthetic turf on the Baseball field and expanding the warning track. We removed and disposed of existing old turf. The excavated and removed the existing warning track material. New subgrade and WT material were installed and graded. FieldTurf�s Double Play Synthetic Turf system was installed on the prepared base.

    • Miller School Baseball

      This project at the Miller School of Albemarle was completed in 2019. This was an unusual project; we were asked to install synthetic turf on the infield and apron areas to the homerun fence. This drastically reduces the maintenance time on a Baseball field by not having clay and warning track areas.

    • Kannapolis Cannon Ballers

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      In 2019 the Kannapolis Cannonballers (Class A Baseball) built a new stadium and field. We accepted this project at subgrade and installed drainage, irrigation, and a sand-based field. We also installed the new infield clay, bullpen areas, and warning track material. We finished this project by installing Latitude 36 GameOn Grass.

    • Dodgertown

      The Dodgertown project was completed in 2019 at the Historic Dodgertown training facility in Vero Beach Florida. This project was a complete renovation of the existing field. We removed the existing sod and organic layer. Imported soil amendments and tilled to blend with existing soil. Installed new irrigation and drainage systems. Added new clay material to the infield. Replaced the warning track material. Then installed sod.

    • Carmel Christian School

      Carolina Green renovated the existing field at Carmel Christian School to include the bullpen retaining wall, the infield, and the outfield grass surface.

    • Virginia Military Academy

      Carolina Green stripped and replaced sod down first and third baselines and around the pitching mound. We also reshaped the clay on the pitching mound and homeplate areas. We then lasergraded the infield skinned area.

    • Starkey Ranch District Park

      Carolina Green installed sub-drainage systems on 4 baseball fields at Starkey Ranch District Park in Odessa, FL

    • UT Baseball Synthetic Turf Conversion

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      We began this project in late 2018 and completed early 2019 just in time for Baseball practices to start. This was a huge project, converting the whole baseball field from natural to synthetic turf. We removed the soil and organic layer. Installed a drainage system and new stone base layer. Fieldturf�s �Double Play� synthetic turf system was then installed.

    • Charleston Riverdogs

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      Field Improvements including turf removal, drainage system repairs and additions, irrigation system removal and replacement, grading, sand base, sod installation, infield, warning track, and bullpens. Also a pile driven wall system was installed to eleviate sub-base movement.

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    • Arnold Burton Complex Softball Field Renovation

      Renovation of one softball field at the Arnold Burton Complex in Salem VA.

    • City of Myrtle Beach Grand Park

      Construction of 3 synthetic turf multipurpose (softball/soccer) fields

    • JMU Softball Practice Field

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      This was a renovation of an existing softball practice facility. Carolina Green Corp essentially demolished the old field and built a new one. The scope of work included establishing a new subgrade, installation of black chain-link fence including gates and dugouts, backstop padding and fence top safety padding, aluminum bleachers and team benches, potable water and irrigation, electric lines run to dugouts and scoreboard, infield mix and warning track material import and grading, and sod installation.

      • Establish new subgrade
      • Installed black chain-link fence around perimeter including gates and dugouts.
      • Installed backstop padding and fence top safety padding.
      • Installed aluminum team benches and bleachers.
      • New batting cages constructed
      • New domestic water and irrigation installed.
      • New electric lines run to supply dugouts and scoreboard.
      • Infield mix and warning track material installed.
      • Installed sod.
    • University of South Carolina Softball Field

      Beckam Softball Stadium field renovation included subsurface drainage, infield mix, warning track, sod installation, and irrigation. Custom synthetic bullpens areas were built on home and visitor sides.

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    • George Mason University Softball

      The scope of this project included sub-drainage, laser grading, irrigation, rootzone import and grading, infield install, warning track, bullpens, and sod installation. The project was completed during the Winter so special grow-covers were used to help the sod establishment.

    • Washington Nationals Baseball Stadium

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      Construction of baseball stadium including drainage, irrigation, rootzone, sod, infield, warning track, and bullpens.

    • University of South Carolina Baseball Stadium

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      New construction of a sand-based baseball stadium field.

    • University of North Carolina Boshamer Stadium

      Boshamer Stadium: Sand-based baseball stadium field (drainage, irrigation, soil modification, grading, warning track, infield install)

    • University of Tennessee Baseball Stadium

      Design/Build Renovation - include cambridge drainage, irrigation, bull pens, warning track, and sod

    • Charlotte Knights

      Job included improvements to infield area, base paths and home plate area. We tilled in a clay mix and then laser graded to provide both a smooth playing surface and smooth transition to turf area.

    • Charleston Southern University Baseball

      Project to be completed in Summer 2016.

    • Cary USA Baseball Natl Training Complex Field 3

      Renovation of sand-based natural turf field. Project involves excavation of surface, amending the rootzone, infield and warning track renovation and sod installation.

    • West Virginia Power

      Renovation of the playing field surface including excavation, tarp drainage, soil amendments, grading and sod installation.

    • Charlotte Christian Baseball Field

      Installation of synthetic turf infield.

    • Pirate City Bradenton FL Field 1

      Removal of existing natural turf, laser grading field, installation of cambridge drainage and sod installation.

    • Myrtle Beach Pelicans BB&T Coastal Field

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      Sand-based baseball stadium field consisting of drainage, irrigation, soil modification, grading, warning track, infield install, and sod installation

    • University of Virginia Davenport Baseball Field

      Renovate to sand-base baseball field including drainage, rootzone, irrigation, infield skinned area, synthetic collar and sod installation

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    • Potomac Nationals Pfitzner Baseball Stadium

      Strip sod, cut infield 14", lower entire field grade, new irrigation, cambridge drainage and Patroit Sod

    • Virginia Tech English Baseball Field

      Convert existng field to synthetic turf, strip organics,upgrade drainage, install dynamic base, synthetic turf, dugouts, padding, netting, fencing

    • Radford University Baseball Stadium

      Renovation of Baseball Field - drainage, irrigation, grading, warning track, synthetic turf collar installation

    • Elon University Latham Park Baseball Stadium

      Latham Baseball Field renovation - synthetic turf infield installation and outfield drainage & irrigation installation, turf & grade renovation

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    • Wake Forest University Gene Hooks Baseball Stadium

    • Carolina Mudcats Five County Stadium

      Five County Stadium: Strip, subgrade, install perimter & sand-base drainage, soil mix, irrigation, laser grade, sod

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    • Belton Honea Path Anderson SC

      Baseball field drainage improvements. Project consists of the installation of a warning track along the outfield fence, Cambridge drainage system in existing field, warning track on sides tapering to 5' at dugout, relocation of irrigation lines, supply and installation of Tifway 419 Bermuda sod.

    • George Mason University Baseball Field Renovation

      Baseball Field renovation, to include cambridge drainage, irrigation, and synthetic turf infill behind home plate

    • Princeton Rays Baseball

      Baseball Field

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    • University of Virginia at Wise Baseball Field

      Baseball Field Install new synthetic turf baseball collar

    • City of Asheboro McCrary Park Baseball Field

      McCrary Park Baseball Field renovation - synthetic turf infield installation and outfield turf & grade renovation

    • Longwood University Baseball Field

      Renovation of fields including drainage installation, regrade infield and mounds, irrigation upgrades, and sod installation

    • Bluefield Orioles Baseball

      Renovation, Drainage and irrigation

    • Virginia Tech Baseball

      Drainage installation

    • Rockingham Community College Baseball Field

      Irrigation, fencing, backstop, sidewalk, infield, sod

    • City of Virginia Beach Princess Anne Complex

      Princess Anne Athletic Fields: New construction of 16 fields, soil amendments, laser grade, irrigation, drainage, sod

    • Greensboro Day Baseball

      Baseball/softball field construction

    • North Carolina State University Doak Baseball

      Doak Stadium: Laser grade, irrigation, sand based rootzone, drainage, sod, infield mix, warning track

    • Greensboro Grasshoppers

      New construction of baseball stadium field

    • Fort Bragg MLB Baseball Field

      Installation of Tifway 419 Bermuda Sod & bullpen installation.

    • UNC Greensboro Baseball Stadium

      Baseball Stadium: Design/build sand-based baseball stadium field

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