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    • WFU Hearn Plaza

      Year: 2019

      WFU Hearn Plaza was completed in 2019. This was a renovation of a lawn area on WFU campus. We installed a little drainage, installed and tilled in soil amendments, then installed Fescue sod on all disturbed areas.

    • Marine Barracks

      Year: 2021

      In 2021 Carolina Green converted the parade grounds at the Marine Barracks, Washington DC to an oversized sand cap field with sub-surface drainage.

    • University of Tennessee Cross Country Track

      Year: 2016

      Cross country track improvements include installation of additionl drainage, weed control, aerifying and seeding, resurfacing and top-dressing.

      • University of Tennessee Research Plot

        Year: 2012

        Synthetic turf dynamic stone base pad consisting of 15 individual plot areas including irrigation

      • UVA The Lawn

        Year: 2012

        To improve the quality and coverage of turf in the high wear and high shade areas through cambridge drainage, turf renovation and sod replacement

      • Wake Forest University Cross Country

        Year: 2015

        Cross Country track renovations.

        • Wake Forest University Indoor Batting Cages

          Year: 2010

          Indoor Batting Cages: Installation of synthetic turf in indoor batting cages.

        • William & Mary Busch Field

          Year: 2016

          Field Renovation Project to begin in 2016

          • University of Virginia Field Hockey

            Year: 2011

            Removal of existing turf, base renovation and expansion, installation of new turf system

          • Myrtle Beach Batting Cages

            Year: 2015

            Installation of one double softball batting cage system and one single softball batting cage system, including fabrication and installation of site improvements.

            • Brandreth Horse Farm

              Year: 2016

              On this project we made soil amendments and improved the riding surface of an enclosed arena.

              • Basic leveling with soil planer blade to prep base prior to installation of the approved base and layer materials.
              • Provide and install 2” layer approximately 325 tons of compactible dry screenings (Vulcan Materails--M10) to establish a base layer. Compact base aggregate prior to installation of topping layer.
              • Provide and install 5” layer approximately 675 tons of washed aggregate screenings (Vulcan Manufactured Sand-Washed). Grade to a smooth and level condition.
            • Charlotte Christian Stadium

              Year: 2015

              Removal of existing turf, laser grade, and installation of sythetc turf field and track resurface.

              • Charlotte Motor Speedway

                Year: 2016

                Carolina Green stripped out the perimeters of the grass areas along pit road, re-graded to provide a smooth transition from asphalt to dirt, and re-sodded the area.

              • Donnelly Horse Arena

                Year: 2018

                This project involved constructing a new horse riding arena on top of native soil.

                • Spray out and dispatch vegetation. Grade subgrade
                • Provide and install 4" aggregate base over subgrade.
                • Provide and install 1" of angular sand over base, blend top 1" into base
                • Compact and lasergrade arena for smooth riding surface.
                • Build wooden fence, install sod around perimeter to stabilize.
              • Elon University Field House

                Year: 2012

                Installation of a synthetic turf area and sand pit

                • JMU Memorial Hall

                  Year: 2016

                  On this project we turned an old basketball gym into a batting cage area for Baseball/Softball. Carolina Green provided and installed non-infill synthetic turf. We installed the netting for the batting cage system. Also, we took down and removed the old basketball backboards and hoops.

                • Liberty Throws

                  Year: 2016

                  The project included building a new Hammer/Discuss/Multipurpose field. We laser-graded to provide a smooth final grade. Installed a concrete hammer/throws circle with center drainage. Erected a NCAA certified Hammer/Throws Cage. Installed a new irrigation system and put down 33,000 sf of Latitude 36 sod.

                • UNC Navy Field

                  Year: 2016

                  Project included the emoval of existing turf, laser grading, and installation of GameOn Grass sod grown on plastic.

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