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Synthetic Turf Maintenance

In addition to your normal grooming and maintenance program, it is also important to perform deep cleaning and hardness testing to insure maximum turf performance, longevity, and overall safety. Carolina Green offers turf deep cleaning and GMax testing, a third party evaluation of field hardness. Detailed reporting will provide a useful record for monitoring field performance and safety.

Standard Maintenance Services and Procedures

  • Certified GMax testing & reporting in accordance with ASTM F355-10

  • Field inspection before, during and after cleaning to check for infill depth, seams, or any irregularities that could result in safety or durability issues

  • Deep cleaning of entire synthetic surface using power unit equipped with brush, screen, vacuum, and magnet for removal of debris and contaminants

  • Addition of rubber infill material as warranted

  • Perform seam repairs, base repairs, and turf replacement

  • Written report with G-Max results, infill depth, and overall condition of surface, as well as maintenance recommendations

  • Application of Disinfectants, wetting agents

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