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Carolina Green utililizes a sprigging machine custom built to our specifications and is considered the best in the industry. Our sprigging machine offers the combination of broadcast and row plant capabilities resulting in more plants in the ground, higher sprig survival rate and reduced grow-in time. Additionally, we grow and harvest our own sprigs thus controlling the quality of plant material from harvest to install.


Carolina Green provides traditional topdressing utilizing Dakota 440 high-volume topdressers. We also offer a specialty service topdress/leveling of USGA sand using our laser guided leveling equipment providing a relatively inexpensive method of leveling an undulating playing field surface without the major costs of grading and turf replacement.


Carolina Green offers a full range of field aerification services using deep tine, shallow tine and core aereation aerovators. Along with this service comes the years of experience and certifications necessary to recommend the appropriate applications for our clients.

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