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    • Ashley Booth Field City of Myrtle Beach

      Year: 2013

      Turf renovation converting natural turf grass to artificial turf. Project consists of erosion control, laser grading, installation of sub-drainage system, dynamic stone base, concrete sidewalk and fencing

    • City of Myrtle Beach Grand Park Synthetic

      Year: 2010

      Construction of 3 synthetic turf multipurpose (softball/soccer) fields

    • Metrolina Christian

      Year: 2010

      Beginning in 2015, construction of new multipurpose fields including well installation, water lines, irrigation and grassing.

      • The College of William & Mary Dillard Complex

        Year: 2015

        Dillard Complex Rec Field: Install Cambridge Drainage System - Turf renovations consist of laser grading, field drainage, irrigation, sand injection, and sod installation

        • Town of Mt Pleasant SC Various Sports Fields

          Year: 2016

          Installed Cambridge Drainage systems on several multipurpose fields. Also used sand injection system on fields with the worst water issues.

        • UNC Finley Fields North

          Year: 2017

          This project invovled construction of one natural surface playing field including a surronding track; and a large synthetic turf field lined for muiltipurpose use

          • Laser grade subgrade
          • Install concrete curb with chainlink fence in curb
          • Installed a ball-stop netting system tied in to the fence.
          • Installed sub surface darinage.
          • Installed gravel base layers under sythetic turf.
          • Installed synthetic turf system with Brock Powerbase anti-shock pad.
          • Installled underdrainage system
          • Laser grade
          • Install new irrigation system
          • Installed new drainage system
          • Installed gravel and rootzone layers
          • Provide and install Tifway 419 Bermuda Sod
          • Installed shot put pads
          • Installed hammer and discus pad
          • Installed concrete "tent pad"
        • University of Tennessee Intramural Fields

          Year: 2012

          New construction of 6 natural turf fields and 4 synthetic turf fields. (8 multipurpose fields and 2 softball fields)

        • W&M Anaheuser-Busch Field

          Year: 2016

          • Install basic erosion control measures that include a construction entrance, silt fence, safety fence, tree protection and inlet protection.
          • Demo existing storm water outfall, fencing, concrete pad and curb
          • Excavate existing topsoil to establish a subgrade. Spoils will be disposed off-site to an approved dumpsite.
          • Laser grade subgrade to a mirror image of finish grade. Laser grading to a tolerance of 1/4" over 25’ will be used during all grading operations.
          • Install 10”,8” and 6” HDPE collector lines to include two 8” cleanouts
          • Install storm water structures with two 48” manholes, 18” RCP and outfall spreader
          • Install 12” flat panel pipe and tie into collector lines.
          • Install Concrete anchor curb with wooden nailer along perimeter of synthetic turf.
          • Install 390’ of concrete anchor curb with channel drain. Catch basins will tie into the 6” collector lines.
          • Install 730 lf of new 8’ vinyl chain link fence with 3 gates. Fence will be installed within the concrete anchor curb.
          • Install geo-textile fabric over the entire field.
          • Install 4” under Type B turf and 6” stone gravel base material under Type A turf, laser grade, and compact in preparation for artificial turf installation
          • Grade disturbed areas around the synthetic field and seed with fescue grass seed.
          • Remove construction entrance and repair disturbed areas.
          • Clean up site for final inspection.
        • Wingate University Track & Field

          Year: 2013

          Project consists of prep subgrade, laser grading, sub-drainage system, dyanamic stone base, concrete anchor curb, artificial turf and netting

          • City of Virginia Beach

            Year: 2005

            Princess Anne Athletic Fields: New construction of 16 fields, soil amendments, laser grade, irrigation, drainage, sod

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