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    • Baltimore Ravens M&T Stadium Synthetic Sidelines

      Demo existing area outside of playing field area. Move underground utilities as needed. Pour and place concrete curb. Install new synthetic turf and repair natural turf up to synthetic turf area.

    • Washington Commanders FedEx Field Re-surface

      Carolina Green Corp. grew our specialty GameOn Grass sod product, harvested, transported, and installed it at FedEx Field multiple times during the 2022 season.

    • Baltimore Ravens Football Practice Facility

      Carolina Green stripped and replaced sod on two fields at the Under Armor Performance Center for the Baltimore Ravens. We installed Northbridge Bermuda GameOn Grass.

    • UVA Football Practice Fields

      Project included 2 natural grass sand-based football fields and a partial synthetic turf apron. Included major grading and rock removal, laser-grading, fully automated irrigation system with new pump station, sub-drainage system, GameOn Grass Tahoma Bermuda sod, 2 sets of hinged goal-post, and 2 ball stop netting systems

    • Mississippi State University

      Carolina Green provided, delivered, and installed Northbridge Bermuda GameOn Grass at the football stadium for MSU.

    • UNC Kenan Stadium Synthetic Perimeter

      This was a unique job installing an artificial turf perimeter around the entire field leaving the playing field surface natural grass.

      • Demolition of existing shrubs and turf area.
      • Establishing subgrade for areas receiving synthetic turf.
      • Replaced existing irrigation system.
      • Installed new drainage system.
      • Installed curb to attach synthetic turf.
      • Installed gravel base and lasergraded
      • Provided and installed artificial turf infill system.
    • Baltimore Ravens M&T Bank Stadium

      This job took place at Baltimore Ravens game field; M&T Bank Stadium. The job consisted of stripping out and replacing 27,300sf of sod. Sod was replaced with Tifway 419 Bermuda GameOn Grass overseeded with perennial rye.

    • Carolina Panthers Football Practice Field

      Football Practice Facility: Synthetic Turf Infill System / Drainage

    • University of Tennessee Neyland Stadium

      Project included stripping and replacement of full field with GameOn Grass Tifway 419 Bermuda sand based sod grown on plastic and hauling spoils from the site.

    • UVA Scott Stadium 2017

      Full renovation of UVA Scott Stadium football field.

      • Demolition of existing field
      • Installation of new drainage system
      • Gravel base layer install.
      • Rootzone layer install
      • New irrigation system
      • Installation of new sod and some synthetic turf areas.
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    • Virginia Tech Lane Stadium & Practice Field

      Lane Stadium: Scope of work consisted of stripping 2" of sod and organic material, blecavating rootzone to 6" depth, laser grading and installation of Latitude sod.  Football Practice Field: Stripping and replacing sod.

    • Washington Commanders FedEx Field Replacement

      Scope of Work:  Strip, blecavate, laser grade, reinstall irrigation and resod with GameOn Grass sod grown on plastic.  Install synthetic turf on concrete apron areas.

    • Philadelphia Eagles Football Stadium

      Supply Sod on Plastice for End Zone Replacement Mid Season

    • Cincinnati Bengals

      Paul Brown Stadium: Sprig and topdress football practice fields

    • USC Williams Brice Stadium

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      Demolition of existing football field, drainage and irrigation system. Installation of new playing field to include laser grade, drainage system, irrigation system, natural turf surface and appurtenances.

    • Texas A&M

      Take a look at our recent Texas A&M project. The video provides a time lapse from start to finish with our Texas A&M project.

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    • UNC Kenan Memorial Stadium

      Sod replacement: Installation of tifway Bermuda regular cut sod.

    • The College of William & Mary Zable Stadium

      Construction in progress.

    • Baltimore Ravens Endzone Replacement

      This project was an emergent sod replacement. The day after the Army vs. Navy football game 2016, we stripped out the Army/Navy logos painted in the endzones and replaced them with fresh GameOn Grass. The Ravens grounds crew got to work painting the Ravens logos and the field was ready for the next game in less than 48 hours!

    • George Mason University RAC

      Renovation of natural turf playing surface; all clay surfaces in and around the playing surface; and the warning track around the playing surface.  Project includes installation of Tilway 419 Bermuda sod.

    • University of Tennessee Haslam FB Practice Field

      Full replacement of offensive and defensive field using a combination of GameOn Grass and regular cut sod.

    • Washington Commanders Park Field

      Scope of work: Strip, blecavate, laser grade and resod, Install perimeter and surface drainage.  Install synthetic turf drill area.

    • WFU Sports Performance Football Practice Facility

      Project includes removal of existing synthetic turf field and grass field; laser grade and installation of drainage, gravel layer and root zone layer for the sand-based natural field; laser grade, installation of drainage, concrete curbing and dynamic stone base over geo-textile fabric for the synthetic turf field; as well as the installation of synthetic perimeter around both fields. 

    • University of North Carolina at Charlotte Football

      New construction of football practice fields consisting of modified soil, cambridge drainage, sand injection, irrigation, bermuda sod, fencing and field equipment

      • University of North Carolina Kenan Football

        Kenan Stadium Field: End zone renovations including installation of drainage, rootzone, sod, synthetic turf base and turf systems.

      • Washington Commanders FedEx Stadium

        Mid-season immediate play turf replacement.

      • University of Tennessee Football Practice Field

        Replacement of football practice field turf mid season using thick cut sod grown on plastic

      • Lenoir Rhyne University Football Stadium Field

        Football Stadium Field: drainage installation

      • Davidson College Richardson Football Field

        Richardson Field: New construction of synthetic turf base and field installation

      • University of Virginia at Wise Football Stadium

        Removal of old turf system, remediation of base including adding drainage, and installation of new synthetic turf system

      • University of Kentucky Football Stadium & Practice

        Stadium and Practice Fields: Strip sod with combinator and install Carolina Green thick cut bermuda sod on areas in both fields

        • University of Tennessee Indoor Football Practice

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          Neyland-Thompson Sports Center - Replacement of indoor football practice field synthetic turf mid season

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        • Louisiana State University Football Stadium Field

          Field demolition and grading work to prep for new sod installation

          • Western Carolina University Football Stadium Field

            Football Stadium Field: Mid-season stadium field renovation - Strip/remove turf, renovate base, install new turf

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          • Duke University Multi-purpose Fieldhouse

            Prep subgrade, intall synthetic turf base, nailer and turf, wall padding, hanging goal system, ballstop netting, and outdoor synthetic turf area

          • University of Tennessee

            Football Stadium: Field Replacement, sand-based field

          • University of Connecticut Bushnell Football

            Removal of existing sod, modification of soil for improved drainage, grading, and resod field.

          • East Carolina University Football Practice Field

            Football Practice Field: Renovation of 2 natural fields, Synthetic turf installation

          • Emory & Henry University Football Field

            Synthetic turf field installation (Fieldturf)

          • University of Tennessee Football Practice Field Rootzone

            Football Practice Field: Renovation of rootzone to improve drainage, sand cap and sod installation, synthetic turf area installation

          • University of Virginia Football Practice Facility

            Construction of an indoor/outdoor football practice facility. Project consists of removal of existing turf, laser grading, dynamic stone base and turf installation

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